Sequence of Events in a Story

Sequence of Events

Sequence of Events

There are many instances when it’s important to understand a sequence of events, but sometimes you’re not sure what one of those events was. Maybe you’re reading a story and you have to look at the context and make a conclusion about what you think happened.

Let’s take a look at this story right here: “Emily went to the store to buy eggs for her mother.” So, she bought the eggs and got on her bicycle to bring the eggs home. “Her mother was angry that the eggs were all broken.” So, we see a sequence of three events here. The first, the start of the story, being that she buys eggs and then gets on her bicycle. The last part of the story is that her eggs were broken when she arrived at home, because it says her mother was angry that the eggs were broken.

We’re missing point number two here, because we have to know why the eggs are broken. What happened between the point that she got on her bicycle to leave the store and when she arrived at home? Now, there is a possibility that the eggs were already broken when she bought them, but we’re going to conclude that Emily checked on that, and that she would not have bought eggs that were already broken. We have to assume that Emily either fell off her bicycle or dropped the eggs on the way home. However, we were not given any information on how the eggs were broken. We just know that they are broken or ended up being broken.

So, for point number two we’re going to keep it kind of general and just say that the eggs were broken on the way home. In this case, we just have to look at the story, evaluate the context of it, and then just make a logical conclusion for what we think happened.

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