Readers of all levels will encounter words with which they are somewhat unfamiliar. The best way to define a word in context is to look for nearby words that can help. For instance, unfamiliar nouns are often accompanied by examples that furnish a definition. Consider the following sentence: “Dave arrived at the party in hilarious garb: a leopard-print shirt, buckskin trousers, and high heels.” If a reader was unfamiliar with the meaning of garb, he could read the examples and quickly determine that the word means “clothing.” Examples will not always be this obvious. For instance, consider this sentence: “Parsley, lemon, and flowers were just a few of items he used as garnishes.” Here, the possibly unfamiliar word garnishes is exemplified by parsley, lemon, and flowers. Readers who have eaten in a few restaurants will probably be able to identify a garnish as something used to decorate a plate.


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Last updated: 12/15/2017
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