Best Sequence Text Structure Review


A sequence is the order in which things happen. It’s important that a reader be able to identify the sequence so they can follow along with what is happening in the passage. A sequence is the order in which things happen, or the order of events. To help spot the sequence in a passage, you can look for words like “first,” “then,” “last,” and “next”. If you find these words in a passage, or other words like it, you will know that it’s showing you some part of the sequence. That helps you determine what happened first, next, and last.

Finally, most sequences will be in chronological order. Chronological means “based on time”. If I was talking about my day, I would say, “Okay, at seven o’clock I got up, at 7:30 I ate breakfast, at 8 o’clock I went for a run, and then at 12 o’clock I ate lunch.” That’s chronological; it’s proceeding through time. Some texts might not be in chronological order. Those can be more confusing when trying to find the sequence. However, sometimes that’s the best way to go about writing certain passages, so just understand that not all passages will be in chronological order, but, nevertheless, it’s important that you understand the sequence of events.

To practice, take a look at this sentence: “He walked in the front door and switched on the hall lamp.” Notice here that none of the aforementioned words (first, second, last, etc.) are present in this passage. However, you can still find what the sequence is here. You know that he must have walked in the front door first, then switched on the light bulb. That had to have happened second, because first he had to get inside the door. This may seem like a very simple and elementary example, but it’s still important to be able to identify the sequence in a passage or sentence.



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