When There’s No Keyword

When There's No Keyword

                                                    When There's No Keyword

So what do you do if you come across a question that does not contain a keyword? As a test taker you’ve been trained to look for the keyword in the question to help you determine the answer. But if there’s no keyword in the question then where do you go from there to determine the answer?

Let’s take a look at this example and I’ll show you how to find a keyword. This example is going to say “Which of the following would the author of the paragraph likely agree with? So this is going to be our sample question and as you notice there’s no main point in it. So just look over this question. Do you see a keyword? Cause I don’t. So if a question like this occurred on a test and you can’t find a key word in it and you need to find the answer what do you do? You go to the only other place you can. You look for a key word in the answers.

So it’s going to be multiple choice so look at answer choice a and read that answer and try to find a keyword in that answer. Then once you have determined the keyword in the answer, quickly skim the paragraph to find that keyword. Then go down to answer choice b. Find the keyword in answer choice b and quickly scan the paragraph to find answer choice b. Then continue down through the other choices. A lot of times the keywords are of the answers will be closely grouped together within one paragraph so once you have identified the keywords you’ll notice that they are very close to each other so they are very easy to find and you can quickly figure out where the keywords are and then you’ll be on your way to correctly answering the question. So remember, if you ever come across a question where there’s no keyword like this example, go to the only other place you can. Find the keyword in the answers and you’ll be on your way to picking the correct answer.


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Last updated: 03/23/2018


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