Point of View

Another element that impacts a text is the author’s point of view. The point of view of a text is the perspective from which it is told. The author will always have a point of view about a story before he draws up a plot line. The author will know what events they want to take place, how they want the characters to interact, and how the story will resolve. An author will also have an opinion on the topic, or series of events, which is presented in the story, based on their own prior experience and beliefs. The two main points of view that authors use are first person and third person. If the narrator of the story is also the main character, or protagonist, the text is written in first-person point of view. In first person, the author writes with the word ‘I’. Third-person point of view is probably the most common point of view that authors use. Using third person, authors refer to each character using the words ‘he’ or ‘she’. In third-person omniscient, the narrator is not a character in the story and tells the story of all of the characters at the same time.


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