Who is the Narrator of the Story?

The Narrator

The narrator plays an important role in the story, and it’s important that you as a reader understand the narrator. A narrator can talk in first person or third person.

In first person, the narrator will use pronouns like “I” and “me”, because they’re talking about things they’re experiencing and things they see happening. In this case, the narrator will actually be a character in the story, so it’s important to understand which character they are playing.

In third person, pronouns “he” and “she” are used, because the narrator is looking onto the situation saying, “He did this,” or “She did this”, so they’re not a character in the story. That’s one thing you need to understand about the narrator. The second thing is how much the narrator knows. You may be wondering why this is important, but some narrators are going to know what all the characters’ thoughts are, and some narrators do not know that.

Some narrators will be able to explain to the reader what’s going on and their thoughts about it, and some narrators will just let the plot speak for itself. How much the narrator knows influences how much the reader will know, because however much the narrator knows they will then tell the reader. It’s important to understand how much the narrator actually knows.



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