Best Tips for Effectively Reading Fiction

When reading fiction, whether for pleasure or requirement, it is important to remember to analyze a few things in the story. Try to figure out the point of view of the piece. Is the narrator directly involved in the story or not? Analyze the setting. How does the setting affect the story? And finally, analyze the characters. Figure out whether or not the characters are flat or round and whether or not they impact the story, and how they impact it (if they do).


                                                       Reading Fiction

Fiction is often read for leisure or because it is assigned. In either case, we’re going to go over some points for you to better understand the fiction that you read.

First of all, look for the point of view.

There are three types of point of view: First person, second person, and third person.

In a first person point of view, the narrator takes part in the story and refers to himself as “I”.

In a second person point of view, the narrator is involved in the story, but refers to another character using the pronoun “you”.

In a third person point of view, the author refers to the other characters as “he” and “she”. The narrator is not actually involved in the story, they’re merely relating the story to the reader.

Another part of point of view is how much the narrator knows. Sometimes you have an omniscient narrator who knows the thoughts of many of the characters. Sometimes the narrator only has limited knowledge and knows the thoughts of only one or two characters. Sometimes the narrator does not know the thoughts of any of the characters.

Also, look for setting; look for when the story is taking place and where it is taking place. That will help you better understand the work of fiction.

Look for characters. Characters are very important in a story. They are what make up the story. In a story, you usually have the protagonist and the antagonist. The protagonist is generally the main character and the antagonist is the one who opposes the protagonist. Look for that relationship between the protagonist and the antagonist. Figure out who those two characters are, because the relationship between the protagonist and antagonist is what drives the plot and develops the story.

Also, look for the other characters in the story and decide which ones are important. Some play a minor role in the story and some play a larger role. Make sure you understand the characters are, their relationship to the other characters, and what role they play in the story. That will help you better understand the work of fiction along with following these other points.

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