Using Type and Topic to Find Synonyms

When trying to find a synonym for a word, it is vital to make sure that the type and topics are the same as each other. What does that mean? ‘Type’ in this context refers to the part of speech in which the word is used. Though a verb and an adjective may have a similar meaning, they cannot be replaced as the sentence would make no sense. ‘Topic’ refers to the definition, which we usually look to when finding synonyms. It is important that the two words are similar enough for the synonym to be an apt replacement.

                                                        Types and Topics

When finding a synonym for a word you need to make sure that synonym matches the word in both type and topic. Type refers to part of speech it plays and then topic refers to the definition of the word. So this sentence says “he is undernourished.” So we’re trying to find the synonym for the word “undernourished.”

So first we need to identify the type of word this is. It is an adjective. And when it comes to topic, when it comes to definition, we could say sickly, starving and very thin. So the first option here – the first synonym is the word “ill”. While that is an adjective and it does mean sickly, it doesn’t really match with starving and very thin and so we could use that word as a synonym but I think we’re going to find a word that’s a little bit closer so we’ll just put a star right there. We come to B which says “limps” and we can immediately know that’s wrong because limps is a verb, not an adjective. Unhealthy – that’s somewhat close. Emaciated – that’s very close and then extreme – that doesn’t really match with what we’re looking at all.

That takes us down to three words so all these are adjectives so it meets that criteria. We just need to make sure it meets the second criteria and that it has the same or very similar definition and so if you were to look at the definitions of these three words I think you’d find that emaciated has the closest definition.

So by looking for a word that matches the original word in both type and topic, we were able to find the synonym for the word undernourished.


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Last updated: 07/10/2018


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