How to Answer “Third Statement” Questions

In a third statement question, the test-taker is required to determine the validity of the third statement with the understanding that the first two statements are true. For example, Statement 1 may read, “Fin runs faster than Derrick.” Statement 2: “Derrick runs faster than Chuck.” Statement 3: “Chuck runs faster than Fin.” So if you accept the first two statements as fact, you can make some assumptions. Since Fin runs faster than Derrick, who runs faster than Chuck, it can be assumed that Fin is faster than Chuck. However, Statement 3 says that “Chuck runs faster than Fin.” By using the evidence presented in Statements 1 and 2, we can determine that Statement 3 is false.


Third Statements

Some types of questions present you with three statements. You were told that statement 1 and 2 are true, and, in light of that fact, you are to determine whether statement 3 is true, false, or uncertain.

Statement 1 says that Chicago is bigger than San Diego. Statement 2 says that San Diego is bigger than Miami. We know both of these statements are true. You can probably already guess what statement 3 is going to be. It is: Chicago is bigger than Miami.

With these types of questions, it’s helpful to go ahead and guess what statement 3 is going to be before you look at it. If you guess what statement 3 is going to be correctly, you can quickly read over it and you’ll know that it’s true. However, if statement 3 is different than you expected, then you’re going to need to study it a little bit further.

Also, watch out for inversions. Statement 3 could have just as easily said that Miami is smaller than Chicago. If you guess that statement 3 was going to say Chicago is bigger than Miami and it ended up saying Miami is smaller than Chicago, you still guessed statement 3 correctly, because both of these statements are saying the same thing. They’re just saying them differently. Watch out for inversions.

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Last updated: 06/27/2018


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