Rhetorical Strategy of Classification and Division

Classification and Division refers to an authors choice to plan and organize an essay in a particular fashion. While some plans may be less convoluted than others, there is no one ideal way to organize text. Though there is freedom in that, it is important to remember that as an author, it is required to state the system being used so that the reader is able to follow along and understand what is being written. As a reader, it is important to actively evaluate the author’s choice in system and determine whether or not it was an effective strategy to relay information.

Rhetorical Strategy of Classification and Division

                                Rhetorical Strategy of Classification and Division

When the author is dealing with a complex or extremely detailed subject, he or she will often use the rhetorical strategy of classification and division in order to simplify things for the reader.

Classification and division means organizing the material of an essay into distinct categories. It makes it more understandable for the reader and makes it easier for the reader to follow all the author’s points.

When an author uses the rhetorical strategy of classification and division, both the author and the reader have particular responsibilities. The author’s responsibility is to state the system being used.

In other words, they should be stating which classification and division system they are using. It’s always important for the author to state explicitly what they’re using in the text.

The readers responsibility is to evaluate the author’s choice. When the author uses that classification or division system to organize a complex subject, the reader needs to consider whether the classification system chosen by the author is appropriate for the subject matter.

In other words, don’t be a lazy reader. Take what you’re reading and evaluate it and decide whether the author is being effective with their choice of classification and division.

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