Retelling a Story

When trying to retell a story, it is important to remember as many aspects of the story as you can. If certain details are lost, or things happen in an incorrect order, the audience becomes either confused or disinterested. To avoid this, be sure to either 1)take notes, or 2)make a story map. Taking notes to the side of the content being read is a great tool that can help trigger memories about the story as you skim through it. Another good way to remember details is to create a story map. This can be done by writing important events that happen in a story on a separate sheet of paper, that can later be used as a reference.


                                                    Retelling Stories

When you read something, sometimes you want to tell someone else what you read. To retell a story’s events, a reader needs to take notes or make a story map. You may be tempted just to memorize what happened in the story, just remember it, but if you do that, you’re going to leave out certain important points, and you may get the order of certain events mixed up. It’s important either to take notes or make a story map. If you want to take notes, you can just write in the margin.

Now, if this is a book, you don’t want to write it unless you own it. Maybe you own the book and you’re okay with writing in it, or maybe it’s just a story and it’s written on loose-leaf paper. In that case, it’s fine to write in the margin. You would just need to make a little note to the side.

You don’t need to write in complete sentences, just little notes to remind you of what happened. Say a character in the story wins a race. You can just write “wins race”, then later on “gets award”.

Later, as you review, you can just think, “OK, the first event is ‘he wins the race’ and then ‘he gets an award’. Since you recently read the story, when you read the notes, it’s going to remind you of other things that happened in the story. This note just helps you remember all of the stuff that you read.

Another way to do it is through story mapping. This is when you write all the events of the story on a sheet of paper. You take a separate sheet of paper, and the first main event that happens you write. Then, when you come to another important event, you write that one down too. Pretty soon you have maybe 10 or even 30 different events that happened, but you have them in the right order, so it’s easy to go back through and talk about each event that happened. You won’t forget any, and you’ll have them in the right order.

It’s important to be able to retell a story well, because if you mix things up, if you save into the wrong order, or forget about certain events, whoever’s listening to you is going to get very confused. Those are some tips for being able to efficiently retell stories.

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Last updated: 04/06/2018


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