Ratios, Rates, and Proportions

Ratios Rates and Proportions

For test takers preparing for an examination that includes a mathematical section that may include ratios, rates and proportions, Mometrix has prepared a free library of video reviews that offer a general overview and discussion of the following concepts: Conversions Using Proportional Relationships, Finding a Part, Intro to Probability, Proportional Relationships, Theoretical and Experimental Probability and more. These videos are only part of the full, comprehensive study resources Mometrix has prepared to help give you the test prep edge you need to achieve success on test day. These resources also include examination-specific study guides, flashcards, practice tests and more that provide tips, hints and other critical test information.

Conversions Using Proportional Relationships
Finding Actual Distance from Scale Distance
Finding a Number Given Percentage of Whole
Finding a Part Given Ratio + Part
Finding a Part Given Ratio + Whole
Finding a Ratio Given Whole and Part
Finding Missing Measurements Using Proportional Relationships
Finding Scale Distance from Actual Distance
Finding the Whole Given Part + Ratio
Misuse of Numerical Information
Intro to Probability
Probability – Permutation and Combination
Proportional and Non Proportional Linear Relationships
Proportional Change of Dimensions
Proportional Relationships
Theoretical and Experimental Probability

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