Mechanical Comprehension

Mechanical Comprehension

Mometrix’s mathematics review videos have been designed to provide a general overview of mathematical concepts that may be presented on mathematics sections of a wide variety of tests and exams. In this library you will find mechanical comprehension videos, which are a compilation of the following concepts: Electrical Circuits, Friction and Efficiency, Gears, Horsepower, Joules, Work and Mechanical Comprehension, Levers, Liquids and Hydraulics, Mechanical Calculations, Pulleys and Simple Machines. As part of Mometrix’s free comprehensive library of study resources, which includes examination-specific materials such as study guides and practice tests, these videos are intended to give you the tools and knowledge you need to be successful on your upcoming examination.

Electrical Circuits
Friction and Efficiency
Joules, Work, and Mechanical Comprehension
Liquids and Hydraulics
Mechanical Calculations
Pulleys – Mechanical Advantage of Simple Machines
Simple Machines
Simple Machines – Wheel and Axle

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