Mometrix’s free science video library delves into concepts, ideas and topics that may be presented on tests and exams that include geology. The concepts included in Mometrix’s free review video library include the following: Downward Movements that May Occur in Geology, Earth’s Atmosphere, Earth’s Structure, Expansive Soils, Hydrologic Cycle, Plate Tectonic Theory and Rocks vs. Minerals. These videos are intended to provide a general overview of the questions test-takers may encounter on their examination. They may be used in combination with Mometrix’s other study materials and resources, which include exam-specific study guides, for a more in-depth look at the concepts on the test takers upcoming examination.

Downward Movements that May Occur in Geology
Earth’s Atmosphere
Earth’s Structure
Expansive Soils
Hydrologic Cycle
Plate Tectonic Theory
Rocks vs. Minerals

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