Test-takers preparing for a test or exam related to the geography field will benefit from watching Mometrix’s library of review videos that offer general overviews and discussions on the following topics, ideas and concepts: 5 Elements of Any Map, Bodies of Water, Cartography and Technology, Characteristics of Civilizations, Climates, Geographical Features, Human Geography, Physical vs. Cultural Geography, Plate Tectonic Theory, Reading a Key on a Map, Regional Geography, Road Atlas and Weather vs. Climate. These videos are part of Mometrix’s comprehensive directory of examination-specific study guides, flashcards, practice tests and more. These study resources and videos offer tips, hints and other critical information, such as how the test works.

5 Elements of any Map
Bodies of Water
Cartography and Technology
Characteristics of Civilizations
Geographical Features
Human Geography
Physical vs. Cultural Geography
Plate Tectonic Theory
Reading a Key on a Map
Regional Geography
Road Atlas
Weather vs. Climate

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