Within Mometrix’s free library of humanities videos you can find video reviews of concepts, topics and ideas that are presented on tests and exams related to government. These videos are intended as a study tool which offers a general overview of the following: 13th Amendment, 14th Amendment, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, Impeachment, Political Parties, Public Opinions, Supreme Court, Three Branches of Government and more. These videos are just part of Mometrix’s free directory of study resources and materials, which also include helpful tools such as study guides, flashcards and practice tests. These tools offer a comprehensive look into concepts that may be presented on examinations, in addition to tips, hints and other critical information, such as how the test works, intended to give the test taker the edge they need in order to achieve a passing score.

13th Amendment
14th Amendment
15th Amendment
Administrative Agency
Amending the Constitution
Authoritarian and Totalitarian Government
Autocratic Government
Bill of Rights
Declaration of Independence
Drafting the Constitution
Election Trends
Executive Branch
Free Speech
Judicial Branch
Landmark Supreme Court Cases
Legislative Branch
Monarchic Government
Necessary and Proper Clause
Political Action Committee (PAC)
Political Campaigns
Political Parties
Public Opinion
Representative Government in the 13 Colonies
Republican Government
Special Interest Groups
Supreme Court
Three Branches Of Government
Unalienable Rights
Voter Behavior

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