Best Examples of Motivation and Conflict

Motivation is the reason people do things. A conflict is a problem that needs to be solved. Unfortunately, people don’t always have the same motivation. When this happens conflicts can occur.

Motivation and Conflict

Motivation and Conflict

Motivation is the reason people act a certain way. Whenever you do something, you have a motivation. If you go and eat food, it’s because you’re hungry. Your hunger is your motivation. Maybe you go to bed early. Your motivation is that you’re very tired. Well, characters in a story are the same way. They have motivations for their actions and many times their motivations come from past experiences that contributed to how they feel about a current situation.

For example, say someone went to the ocean before and they almost drowned. Next time they go to the ocean, they’re not going to really want to get in the water, because they’re afraid they’re going to drown again. Their motivation there is a bad past experience with the ocean. Maybe someone baked cookies as a child, so the smell of cookies reminds them of their childhood and how much fun of a time it was. Their motivation for baking cookies as an adult is to experience that happiness that they had as a child.

A second part of a story is conflict: a problem that needs to be solved. Conflict is a problem. In fact, I’ll write that right here. Conflict can occur between one character and some object that can’t move, or maybe two characters in a story. The character or characters in a story have to solve their problems in order to move on in the story. Right here this says, “Amy wanted to go to the park to play on the swings, while Hannah wanted to play house indoors.” It sounds like Amy and Hannah are probably sisters, or maybe just good friends, but they want to do two different things. Amy wants to play on the swings, while Hannah wants to go inside and play indoors.

There’s conflict here, because they want to do two different things. The two characters have two different ideas. Amy wants to do one activity, Hannah wants to do another. To resolve this conflict, the girls need to agree upon where they will spend their time. One person may have to give in a little bit. Amy may have to give up playing on the swings just so Hannah will be happy, or it could work vice versa. The conflict in this sentence is based on a situation.

The main point of a story is to resolve the conflict. When the problem is completed, we call it the resolution. So that’s what the characters in the story are trying to achieve. That’s a quick look at motivation and conflict in a story.

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