Opposing View Points

An opposite point of view may affect a writer in various ways. A writer can try to think up what some opposing points of views may be and implement them in their writing in order to refute those opposing points of view, and make their argument seem more credible. Another way that an opposite point of view can affect a writer is that another writer may write a piece specifically constructed to refute what the first writer has written.

Opposite Point of View

Opposite Point of View

Up here on the board we have a sentence that says, “The tractor was an important invention that made tilling fields for planting seeds on a farm much faster.” There’s this sentence right here that presents one point of view. If someone wanted to talk about the opposite point of view, there are several points they can make. They could talk about how a tractor uses too much power.

Someone could say that a tractor is so strong and powerful, that it’s really too much power just to till dirt. If you’re not familiar with tilling dirt, that’s just when you scoop the dirt up and flip it over to make it softer and lighter, and that makes the plants grow better. Someone might think that it uses too much power, or someone could say that using a tractor is not actually faster than using horses or just planting seeds by hand.

One could also say that the tractor costs more, which is very true. A tractor is very expensive, so someone has to decide if they actually want to buy a tractor to make this job a little bit easier. Generally, when something is presented like this, you would expect an author to talk about all the reasons why that statement is true.

In this case, if an author takes the opposite point of view, they’re going to look at a statement and they’re going to expose all the problems with it. They’re going to talk about the issues they have with the sentence. They’re going to talk about these types of points as to why this topic sentence is not true.

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