Style, Tone, and Mood

Style, Tone, and Mood
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Style, Tone, and Mood

Authors use language and word choice to convey a certain style, tone, and mood in a piece of literature. Style, tone, and mood are all different, but they’re somewhat similar. They have to do with the way the author writes, the words they use, and the way they grammatically structure their pieces of writing. First, we’re going to take a look at style, but notice it has two bullet points. The purpose of style is twofold.

One purpose style is to be appropriate to the purpose of the text. If there is a piece of writing that’s really serious, then the style of writing is going to be very serious. It is going to use serious words in a serious, straightforward grammatical structure. If it’s meant to be comical, the piece of writing is meant to be comical, then the writing is going to be more relaxed and the grammatical structure is going to be more relaxed.

The second purpose of style is a way to set an author apart. It’s a way to set authors apart. Every author is going to have their own particular style. It’s going to be certain tendencies they have in their writing. Maybe they use a certain word a lot, or they structure a lot of their sentences the same way, or they develop the plot the same way in most of their stories. That sets each author apart. Many times, authors want their writing to set them apart from other writers.

Sometimes, this style is so strong that you could read a piece of writing and not know who wrote it, but guess who wrote it because of the style. The second thing we’re going to talk about is tone, which is the author’s attitude toward the subject. This is the author’s attitude towards whatever the author is writing about. Many times, you can tell through the writing where the author is for or against something.

Sometimes, an author might write something that’s like a persuasive essay. In that case, it’s going to be very obvious what their attitude toward the subject at hand is, because they’re trying to persuade you one way or the other. Sometimes, an author just writes an informative text, but you can still often tell what their tone is, because, whether they’re trying to or not, many times they’ll word things certain ways so they can tell you how they feel about something. That’s the tone.

The mood is like the tone, but it’s for the reader. It’s the feeling the work invokes in the reader. Here, we talked about the author’s attitude towards the subject. We could define mood as the reader’s attitude towards the subject. It’s how the piece of writing makes the reader feel after reading it. You can see how style, tone, and mood are similar in that they all pertain to the word choice and the particular language that is used.

They’re also different, because style pertains to the purpose of the text, and the tone is concerned with the author’s attitude towards the subject, and the mood is concerned with the reader’s attitude towards the subject, or the way the piece of writing makes the reader feel.

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