Adverb Equal Comparisons

An adverb equal comparison is the comparison between two things using ‘as _____ as’. When using this strategy, the blank should be filled in with an adverb. For example, if you were wanting to describe how quick your friend was, you would compare his quickness to something commonly known to be quick. For this example, we will compare him to lightning. So the sentence would read, “My friend runs as quickly as lightning.”

Adverb Equal Comparisons

Adverb Equal Comparisons

To compare two similar actions, you can use the form “as, insert an adverb, and then use as again”. Say, for example, the faucet drips slowly. Now, you want to give your reader a better idea of how slowly the faucet actually drips. You can compare it to the dripping of molasses, which your reader probably knows is very slow.

You can use this form right here by saying the faucet drips “as slowly as” molasses. You use “as”, you insert an adverb, and then you use “as” again. Now the reader has a better idea of how slowly the faucet actually drips. Here, it says that strangers are treated as well as friends by Tim. People can assume that Tim is going to treat his friends well, but people don’t know how well he treats strangers. Instead of just saying that strangers are treated well by Tim, the writer can put “Strangers are treated as well as friends by Tim.” The writer is comparing two similar actions now, the action of him treating strangers and the action of him treating friends, to show that Tim treats strangers very well.

One final example: “He never managed as successfully as his brother did.” Again, we’re comparing two similar actions. Apparently, he managed something very successfully and then his brother also managed. We’re comparing how each of the brothers managed so we can see who managed better. That’s an example of adverb equal comparisons.

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