Improve Your Writing – 4 Different Styles of Writing

Improve Your Writing – 4 Different Styles of Writing

Hi and welcome to this video lesson on the four purposes of texts.

The four purposes of texts are:

     to inform,
to influence or persuade,
to express,
and to entertain.

Newspaper articles, encyclopedia entries, and instructional documents are written to inform; authors give facts and write in an objective tone. Editorials and advertisements are written to influence; authors use persuasive language to try to be convincing. Descriptive paragraphs are written to express something; authors use lots of adjectives to describe objects. Fictional stories and screenplays are usually written to entertain, though sometimes authors may use entertaining stories to influence their audiences.

Examples of texts that perform two or more of these purposes are familiar to us, like Pocahontas, which entertains but also is meant to influence us about how we treat indigenous people and wildlife. A Christmas Carol, by Dickens, is another story that, though fictional and written to entertain, also influences our ideas about people, materialism, and what matters most in life. Additionally, an informative piece of writing can influence and persuade. Documentary films often fall into this category, as they are meant to inform, but also influence how people think about certain topics

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