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A simile is a figurative expression in which the author compares one thing to that of another using the word “like” or “as”. Here are some examples: “The sun was like an orange”, “Eager as a beaver”, “Nimble as a mountain goat”. Here, the author is using the word “like”, and in these two phrases the author is using the word “as”. Either case is fine, the author just needs to use the word “like” or “as”.

In this sentence, the author is comparing the sun to the orange, saying the sun was like an orange. This gives the reader a different perspective on what they are reading. It now allows the reader to think about the sun in terms of an orange. No longer is the reader thinking about the sun in the sky. The reader is now imagining an orange in the sky.

Here, if the author was describing someone as being nimble, no longer are they just thinking of someone being nimble. They’re thinking of that person as a mountain goat now. That’s the point of a simile. Now, if you’re familiar with metaphors, similes differ from metaphors. Look at this sentence right here. This is a simile: “The house was like a shoebox.”

In a metaphor, “like” would be removed. The sentence would just say “the house was a shoe box”. In a metaphor, the author never acknowledges that the house and the shoe box are not the same thing. However, in a simile, “like” stays there. The author is acknowledging that “house” and “shoe box” are not the same thing.

They are just like one another. The difference between a metaphor and a simile is just kind of the emotion that the author is trying to evoke. Metaphors and similes evoke different tones. The purpose of metaphors and similes is pretty much the same thing: To get the reader to think of one thing in terms of another thing. Writers will choose to use a simile or metaphor just depending on the tone.

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