How to Write a PERFECT Response Paper

Writing a Response Paper

Time for another happy studying session with Mometrix Academy. Hi, and welcome to this video lesson on how to write a response to a piece of literature, or, as the Brits say: Literature. A written response to literature is a reader’s reaction to a certain text. When you respond to a text, carefully and systematically build the case for why you feel the way you do.

You may be asked to react at certain moments in the reading, include background knowledge on the topic, or make personal connections to your own life. You may even be asked to make references to other texts you’ve read. However, the most important part of a reading response is the evidence or quotes that you use to support your stance.

Before we go any further, let’s talk about some do’s and don’ts while writing response. Do: Read the text that you’re supposed to react to. Skimming or skipping will make it harder for you to react or connect to the piece. The more things you feel, the easier it will be to write a response. Don’t: Simply say you liked it or hated it or were bored or found the character stupid.

If you’re going to make a statement, don’t forget to back it up with evidence that justifies why you feel that way. Do: Use all your knowledge about the reading and context. If it was written during a war, perhaps you can see some of that in the tone the author has created, or maybe the author struggled with depression.

Talk about whether that influenced your interpretation of the book if you’re allowed to do so. Don’t: Summarize the reading. Anyone can find a summary of the book or text. What you’re doing is giving a personalized review, like a movie critic. Give your perspective, not an interesting overview of the plot. I hope that helps. Thanks for watching this video lesson, and until next time: Happy studying.



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