What is a Thesis Statement?

Thesis Statements

A thesis statement is a very important part of a paper, because it basically tells the reader what your paper is going to be about. Every part of your paper has to go along with the thesis statement. Consider your thesis statement as an umbrella. Here’s the umbrella. All of your points have to fit it under the umbrella.

Point one has to, and point two, and if any point tries to get out here and doesn’t quite fit into the thesis statement and doesn’t quite talk about the same things as the thesis statement, you have two choices. You can expand your umbrella. In other words, expand your thesis statement to include point three, or you just have to remove point three and not talk about that point.

The important thing is that everything in your paper refers back to your thesis statement. It’s the guide for your whole paper. It’s what holds it together. Otherwise, you have a paper with lots of different concepts. The thesis statement is the unifying sentence of the paper that brings it all together. The thesis statement needs to go near the beginning of the paper.

Notice I said near the beginning, not at the very beginning. Generally, it needs to be the last sentence of the first paragraph. You put in your paper some introductory information, and then you close off the paragraph with a thesis statement, which lets the reader know what the paper’s going to be about.

Then, at various times throughout the paper, you may repeat the thesis statement, just in slightly different form, especially in the conclusion of the paper. A good thesis statement tells what the paper is going to be about, and, generally, is pretty specific. It’s not very broad.

It tells the reader exactly what the paper is going to be dealing with. Those are some important things to remember when using thesis statements.



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