What is a Graphic Organizer?

Graphic Organizers

Graphic Organizers

A great way to organize ideas from a text is by using a graphic organizer. A graphic organizer is a way to simplify information and just take the key points from the text. You can see why this would be helpful for a reader, because it helps the reader determine the main points and see how the main points are connected to other main points. One type of graphic organizer is the timeline.

This helps the reader determine the main points and then determine chronologically when those main points took place. You’re going to have a line here with different points. Main points are going to go under these vertical lines here along the horizontal line, depending on when they took place (first, second, or last). Another great form of a graphic organizer is the outline.

Here, the reader is determining the main points and then the sub-points that go along with those main points. It helps the reader determine what is most important and what is secondly important. The spider map is also a great resource. Here, the reader takes a circle and puts the main point inside of the circle, and then draws the legs off of the circle to make a web.

At the end of each point is another main point. Main points can even branch off of these. Really what you have here is the main point or maybe the thesis of the whole paper. Then, you have the main points coming off of that thesis. You might even have sub-points coming off of those main points. There also is the Venn diagram.

This is helpful in determining main points and seeing how the main points of the passage are connected to others, because you may have some circles like this. Here, you have a main point inside of each circle, so you can see how some main points are connected and overlapping with another main point, and then some main points are overlapping with two other main points. It helps the reader determine the main points and helps them to determine how the main points are connected with the other main points.



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