What is Informational Text?


Informative Text

An informative text is a very straightforward piece of writing. The purpose of an informative text is to educate and enlighten the reader. It’s to convey information from the writer to the reader. It’s very straightforward, because it’s not persuasive.

It pertains more to facts and figures. First off, informative text is generally nonfiction, because it has no reason to be fiction. Again, it has fast facts and figures in it. It’s truthful. That’s why it’s always nonfiction. It’s generally easily comprehensible, because the writer wants the reader to understand what the writer is talking about.

They want it to be easily comprehensible to the reader so that the reader can understand everything that’s going on. There will also be a clear structure to the paper. Since it’s informative, it will oftentimes have several points or pertain to several things. Many times, it will go from one point to the next.

A very clear structure throughout the entire paper. Like we’ve been saying, it will have facts and figures in it. There won’t be really emotional language. It’ll be more straightforward. An informative text generally does not have personal opinions in it, because there’s no reason to have personal opinions.

The writer isn’t trying to convince the reader in any way. They’re trying to just simply convey information to the reader. That’s why personal opinions are not present and are not needed. The important thing to remember is that an informative text is meant to educate and enlighten the reader.

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Last updated: 07/11/2018


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