Organizational Methods to Structure Text

Authors will use different stylistic and writing devices to make their meaning more clearly understood. One of those devices is comparison and contrast. When an author describes the ways in which two things are alike, he or she is comparing them. When the author describes the ways in which two things are different, he or she is contrasting them. A single sentence may both compare and contrast. Consider the sentence “Brian and Sheila love ice cream, but Brian prefers vanilla and Sheila prefers strawberry.” In one sentence, the author has described both a similarity (love of ice cream) and a difference (favorite flavor). A cause and effect relationship can be best described as something that enables an event to occur. For example, “Upon seeing that his daughter’s boyfriend had rutted up the yard, Marcus was seething with rage.” Here the cause is the boyfriend rutting up the yard and the effect is the father simmering with rage. Deductive reasoning moves from general to specific, inductive reasoning from specific to general.


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