Making Your Paper Professional

Here are a few tips for making your paper seem more professional. Use a normal, non-distracting font. Though you may like how a specific font looks, the people reading your paper might feel that it is too distracting. Make sure your font is not too big, nor too small. Typically, font sizes 11pt. and 12pt. will be the standard size. Make sure you have a 1-inch margin around the entire paper. Don’t justify the margins as your writing will become awkwardly spaced in order to fit those margin lines. Double space your work so that your lines are easily distinguishable and the words are easy to read. Finally, make sure your title is clear. Center it and use a bigger font size than the rest of your paper. A 14pt. font will usually do the trick.

Making Your Paper Professional

Making Your Paper Professional

No matter what your paper is for, it’s important to make your paper look professional when you’re typing it. I want to go over a few tips to make your paper look professional. First of all, choose a normal font. Don’t choose anything too fancy or something hard to read, just go with a plain font that is easy to read and not distracting. Choose a normal font size, like and 11pt or 12pt font. If you have a font size that is too big or too small, it’s distracting.

Go with an 11pt or 12pt font, and if this is for an assignment, oftentimes a teacher or a professor will have a particular opinion or preference on which size font they would like. Have a 1-inch margin around the entire paper, and don’t justify any margins. If you’re not familiar with that term, that’s when the computer makes it so that each line on the paper ends at exactly the same point. You could draw a line down the end. In order to do that, it has to do interesting spacing, or strange spacing, between the letters or in between the words to make each line end at exactly the same spot. You don’t want to justify margins. Double space in between each line.

A lot of times there’s a feature like that on whatever you’re typing on, so you only have to tell the computer once that you want to double space each line and it will do it for you each time. Single space would look like that, then when you tell it to double space, each line will be farther apart. It will be easier to read. Finally, make sure your title stands out. Put it at the top of the paper, center it, and make it larger than the rest of the font. Maybe a 14pt or a 16pt font would be good.

Remember these tips next time you’re writing your paper, or next time you’re typing your paper. Only use these tips for when you’re typing a paper, and you’ll be on your way to making a professional paper.



by Mometrix Test Preparation | Last Updated: May 28, 2019