Underline or Italicize? | Writing Review

When writing, there are several things that need to be either italicized if typing, or underlined if writing. Here is a list of things that need to be italicized: Books, Long poems, Speeches, Movies, TV shows, Plays, Long musical pieces, Magazines, Names of space shuttles, Names of planes, as well as Names of ships. Italicizing/Underlining can also be used for emphasis. For example, “That was mine!” The use of italicizing helps stress that the item was the speaker’s possession. Italicizing/Underlining can also be used to talk about a word. For example, “I don’t like saying you when arguing, it makes people defensive.” Also, whenever a foreign word shows up, it is best to italicize/underline to help point out that word. “Everything is fantastico brother.”

Italicizing and Underlining

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Last updated: 03/13/2018
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