Announcements can be useful tools when trying to spread information. It is vital, though, that you include all the information the reader will need to appropriately respond to the announcement. The information needed for the announcement will usually depend on the event, but these are some good things to include in any announcement: Description of the event; Contact information for the event host; The address of the event; as well as The date and time of the event. When an announcement has most or all of these, you can count on having a successful event.



Announcements are another type of written communication that gives information to readers. People post announcements for all sorts of occasions. Many people are familiar with notices for lost pets, yard sales, and landscaping services. In order to be effective, these announcements need to contain all the information the reader requires to act on the message.

We can sum this up by saying that the announcements need to convey the necessary information. In order to make a good announcement, the writer should ask themselves this question: What will the audience need to know in order to respond to the message? In other words, they can’t leave out important details.

If they leave out important details, then the reader will not be able to follow through on the request of the advertisement. Let’s go through a couple of scenarios. Think about an announcement for a lost pet. First of all, the reader needs to know what the pet looks like. It needs to offer a description of the pet. Also, there needs to be contact information.

This could be street address or a phone number, some way that the reader can know how to get in contact with the owner of the pet so that the pet can be returned. Another scenario is a yard sale. This obviously needs to have an address, so people know how to get to the yard, as well as a date and time that the yard sale is going to take place.

Another thing that’s helpful is a description of what’s being sold, so the reader can have an idea if they’d be interested in the yard sale. These are just a couple of brief examples, but I hope you’re getting the point here, which is that to write a good lost pet advertisement, the writer has to ask himself, “What will the audience need to know in order to respond to the message?” Then, in that case, by answering that question, they will know all the details that they need to include in the advertisement.

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Last updated: 09/10/2018


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