NYSTCE Family and Consumer Sciences Practice Test

Prospective teachers who want to teach Family and Consumer Sciences must demonstrate that they have the knowledge and skills that are necessary to effectively teach in New York State public schools by taking the NYSTCE Family and Consumer Sciences Exam. Effective teachers will have a solid mastery of the concepts, principles, methods, and content related to consumer sciences education. This is an exam that is part of the New York State Teacher Certification Examination (NYSTCE) that was created by the State Board of Education.


Teachers are required to pass this test with a score of 520 in order to get their certification. These exams assess an individual’s general and specific teaching skills in 8 domains, each of which has about 10% of the questions in designated subareas. You will want to study for the 90 selected-response questions on Nutrition, Food, and Wellness; Human Development; Family Studies and Parenting; Interpersonal and Family Relationships and Community Connections; Education and Early Childhood; Textiles and Design; Consumer Skills and Resource Management; and Workplace Skills and Careers.

You will also need to answer 1 constructed-response question in the area of Pedagogical Content Knowledge. The test framework will give you further specifics about the information that you are expected to know within each subarea.

Pace yourself so that you are spending about 60 minutes on the selected-response questions and you will still have about 135 minutes to complete your constructed-response question. You will be allotted a total time of 3 hours and 15 minutes for the entire test. Make the most of your study time. Mometrix designed the NYSTCE Family and Consumer Sciences Study Guide as a supplemental resource to help you study for your test.

When you feel you are ready to take your test, it helps to use the NYSTCE Family and Consumer Sciences Practice Test to acquaint yourself with the format of the test. Register for your test and read the testing facility rules before you arrive to take your test. On the day of the test, relax and work through the questions by reading them carefully and choosing the best possible answer.

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NYSTCE Family and Consumer Sciences Study Guide

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