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The Illinois Licensure Testing System (ILTS) uses the Test of Academic Proficiency to measure a candidate’s core academic skills in reading, writing, math, and language arts. The test is required as part of the certification process for all teachers in the state of Illinois.

The ILTS Test of Academic Proficiency Exam consists of three subtests: reading comprehension, language arts, math and a writing prompt. You must pass each subtest in order to pass the entire exam.


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How Long Will the Test Take?

The Illinois Licensure Testing System offers two options for completing the exam and the length of the test depends on which of the options you choose.

The first option is to complete all four subtests in a single, five-hour session. The advantage here is that you can knock all the tests out in a single session and be done with it. However, this will only work if you feel confident in your skills across all four subjects and in your ability to apply those skills within the strict time limit. This option is also much cheaper at $113 for all four subtests together.

The second option is to schedule four separate appointments for each subtest. The advantages of this option is that you will have more time for each subtest and breaks between each session. Single subtest sessions are two and a half hours long, meaning you get roughly twice as much time as you would if you were taking all four in a single session.

This will improve your chances of passing on the first attempt because time won’t be as pressing of an issue. The downside here is that it will, of course, take longer to complete the full exam. It will also be more expensive. A single subtest session costs $68 bringing your total to $272 for all four.

What Will I Be Tested On?

The four subtests that make up this exam are reading comprehension, language arts, mathematics, and writing. Here is a quick outline of what you will be tested on in each section:

  • Reading Comprehension – 60 Questions
    • Determine the meaning of words and phrases in context
    • Understand the main idea and supporting details in written material
    • Apply skills of inference and interpretation to a variety of written materials
    • Analyze relationships among ideas in written material
    • Use critical reasoning skills to evaluate written material
    • Apply skills for outlining and summarizing written materials and interpreting information presented in graphs and tables
  • Language Arts – 60 Questions
    • Standard usage in edited English in the United States
    • Mechanical conventions in edited English in the United States
    • Purpose and audience in written communication
    • Unity, focus, development, and organization in writing
    • Editing and revision strategies
    • Recognize sentences and paragraphs that effectively communicate intended messages
  • Mathematics – 50 Questions
    • Integers, fractions, decimals, and units of measurement
    • Mathematical reasoning skills, analysis of patterns, problem-solving.
    • Algebra
    • Geometry
    • Data analysis and statistics
    • Word problems
  • Writing – 1 written response assignment

The writing assignment will ask you to write a response to a provided prompt. Your score will be based on how well you met the following criteria:

  • Organization of ideas
  • Development of argument
  • Command of grammar, spelling, and sentence structure
  • Use of effective examples, evidence, and supporting logic

What Scores Do I Need to Pass this Test?

Each subtest is scored on a scale of 100 to 300. You must get a minimum of 240 in order to pass each subtest, and you must pass each one in order to pass the overall Test of Academic Proficiency. Unofficial scores are released immediately for all but the writing exam. Official scores are posted to your ILTS account within two to four weeks.

What’s the Best Way to Prepare for the ILTS Test of Academic Proficiency?

The ILTS Test of Academic Proficiency is a demanding exam that will test all of your core academic skills. That means you need to develop a comprehensive study plan that will primarily target your weakest skills while still leaving some room to sharpen your strongest skills.

For a great overview of the essential material you will need to know for all four subtests, turn to the Mometrix Study Guide. This comprehensive guide includes clear explanations of all the core concepts while also providing proven strategies for success in each of the four subtests. Plus, you’ll get sample questions so you can practice applying your skills to the exact kind of questions you will see on test day.

To make your study sessions even more effective (and more engaging), you should also get the Mometrix Flashcards. These cards perfectly complement the study guide by providing all the core concepts you need to know in a format that is more portable so you can study on the go. The flashcards come with additional sample questions so that you can get even more practice in for the exam!

ILTS Test of Academic Proficiency Study Guide

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ILTS Study Guide
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