ILTS English Language Arts Practice Test

The English language is one of the hardest to learn and understand. Even those of us who speak and write English as a first language have trouble communicating in the language fluently. However, advanced communication skills are necessary in order to succeed in life, and we need certified teachers who can help mold young minds. Want to teach reading and writing skills to elementary school children in Illinois? Make your dream a reality by passing the ILTS English Language Arts Exam.

The ILTS English Language Arts Test consists of 125 multiple-choice questions. You are given three hours and 45 minutes to complete this computer-based test. A score of 240 is required to pass.

ILTS English Language Arts Practice Test

The exam consists of four subareas: reading, writing and research, speaking and listening, and literature. You will be tested on topics such as the nature and importance of reading, knowledge of selection, use of various materials to plan reading instruction, teaching and assessing student knowledge, knowledge of word identification and vocabulary, use of oral language to develop reading skills, assessment of literacy and reading comprehension, rhetorical strategies, writing processes, revision process, knowledge of composition, responding to prompts, organization of information, and print and electronic resources. The test will also include questions about how to synthesize and sequence resources, ethics in research and reporting, components of oral communication, strategies for constructing oral presentations, components of the communication process, adapting communication to various audiences, historical development of various genres, literary elements and techniques, skills and strategies for reading literature, and how literary works can be tied to perspectives and personal experiences.

Make sure test day is a success by using the ILTS English Language Arts Practice Test. This tool from the Mometrix Test Prep Team makes a great study tool because it’s like taking the real test. The test format and questions are pretty much the same, helping you prepare for the big day. Make sure you take advantage of this free resource.

For best results, combine the practice test with the ILTS English Language Arts Study Guide. These two resources will guide you through the test and greatly aid with your studying. Invest in the study guide and watch your test scores soar.

ILTS English Language Arts Study Guide

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ILTS Study Guide

ILTS Flashcards

ILTS English Language Arts Study Guide ILTS English Language Arts Flashcard


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