ILTS Visual Arts Practice Test

Art is quickly disappearing from schools in favor of more academic subjects. However, it’s important that students learn about visual arts. Drawing, painting and creating artwork in other ways helps boost creativity. It is also known to improve mood and help with feelings. Don’t let students in Illinois lose their artistic abilities. You can teach them by passing the ILTS Visual Arts Exam.

Like most other ILTS tests, the ILTS Visual Arts Test consists of 125 multiple-choice questions. You are given three hours and 45 minutes to complete the test in hopes of scoring 240 or higher.

ILTS Visual Arts Practice Test

There are four subareas on this exam: elements and expressive features of the visual arts, creating and producing works of visual art, analyzing and evaluating works of visual art, and the role of visual arts. You will be tested on various concepts, including elements of design, organizational principles, design principles, effects of composition, expressive features, materials, tools, techniques, using visual arts tools and materials safely, creating expressive works of art, problem-solving techniques, analysis and interpretation of works of art, and historical and contemporary works of art. The test also covers characteristics of various works of art, commonalities and differences among the arts, connections between visual and performing arts, use of visual arts as communication, artistic choices, visual arts in society and culture, how technology influences the arts, visual arts in a school setting, instructional strategies, assessment methods and career choices in visual arts.

Don’t attempt this test without any sort of preparation. While art may seem like an easy test to master, don’t be so sure. It’s much more than putting a pencil to paper. Don’t be unpleasantly surprised on test day. Start your preparation now by taking the ILTS Visual Arts Practice Test. This free study tool was created by the Mometrix Test Prep Team to make sure there are no surprises when you walk into the testing site. You’ll know what to expect so there’s no stress or anxiety.

Make test day even more of a success and consider the ILTS Visual Arts Study Guide. This is an excellent document for any test taker to review. It breaks down the various sections step by step so you know exactly what you’ll be tested on. You’ll ace the test like a pro!

ILTS Visual Arts Study Guide

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ILTS Visual Arts Study Guide ILTS Visual Arts Study Guide


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