ILTS Target Language Proficiency—Spanish Practice Test

While it’s important to be fluent in our mother tongue – English – it’s also important to have some sort of proficiency in a foreign language. The United States is home to many immigrants who speak a variety of languages, which means that communication in a different language is more important than ever. Our country’s proximity to Mexico means that there are many Mexicans in the United States. Learning Spanish is now a necessary skill. Help Illinois students by becoming certified. The first step is to pass the ILTS Target Language Proficiency—Spanish Exam.


The computer-based ILTS Target Language Proficiency—Spanish Test consists of 55 multiple-choice questions and two short answer questions. You are given up to three hours and 45 minutes to complete the test. You will need of score of 240 or higher to pass.

There are three subareas: reading comprehension, writing proficiency and oral proficiency. You will be required to understand the literal meaning of written materials, determine main ideas, infer and interpret a variety of information, understand cause-and-effect relationships, apply critical analysis, write well-organized passages in Spanish, compare and contrast different perspectives, and respond orally to questions orally in Spanish using proper grammar and vocabulary.

For the last part, you may be asked to explain –in Spanish – an educational experience you had as a teacher or student, make a presentation about the importance of reading or describe a book that you would recommend to others.

It can be challenging to learn a whole new language. Make sure you’re prepared on test day by taking the ILTS Target Language Proficiency—Spanish Practice Test. The Mometrix Test Prep Team created this free resource to help you feel comfortable with the formatting of the test. Computer-based tests are difficult for some people, so gain some familiarity by taking this practice test.

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