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While teachers have a huge responsibility, superintendents have a huge role as well. They are considered the face of the entire school district. They are responsible for making sure the schools succeed academically. If there any failures, superintendents are held accountable. The role of a superintendent is very broad. To make sure you are up to the task, the state of Illinois requires to you take and pass the ILTS Superintendent Exam.


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The ILTS Superintendent Test has 80 multiple-choice questions and two short-answer questions. The time to complete the test is three hours and 30 minutes. The test is computer-based and requires a passing score of 240.

The test encompasses three key subareas: facilitating a vision of educational excellence, collaboration and community leadership, and resource management and school governance. While there are only three subareas, there are numerous concepts you must know in order to pass the test. They include developing a mission and goals, obtaining and organizing resources, implementing educational programs, understanding the effects of emerging issues and trends, role of education in a pluralistic society, the various contexts of education, human growth and development, learning and teaching methods, creating a productive learning environment, promoting a positive school climate, procedures for ensuring the safety of schools, instruction and assessment, curriculum planning and development, assessment procedures, educational leadership and accountability, use of communication skills to collaborate with the community, listening skills, conflict resolution, collaboration with families and the community, and mobilizing community resources.

The test also covers building educational partnerships, supporting the school district’s policies and procedures, working effectively with school boards, problem solving, decision-making skills, promoting and managing change in order to improve the school district, using motivational theory, monitoring and assessing school activities, managing financial and technological resources, human resource management, professional development, management of facilities and equipment, public school governance, legal and ethical guidelines, and state and federal requirements.

The role of superintendent is very demanding. Do you have what it takes? See how well you fare by taking the ILTS Superintendent Practice Test. This free study aid is a great way to assess your knowledge. You’ll see where your weaknesses lie so you can study more efficiently.

Another excellent resource is the ILTS Superintendent Study Guide. If you’re looking for a comprehensive study aid, this is it. Learn more about each of the test’s subject areas so on test day, you’ll be ready to rock it. This guide is the key to success.

ILTS Superintendent Study Guide

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ILTS Study Guide
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