ILTS Science: Physics Practice Test

Of all the various forms of science, physics is probably the most difficult to learn and understand. Physics studies energy and objects in motion. It requires advanced math skills as well as a high degree of logic. Are you ready to teach physics to Illinois students? Take the ILTS Science: Physics Exam and find out.

The ILTS Science: Physics Test requires you to answer 125 multiple-choice questions in three hours and 45 minutes. A periodic table and scientific calculator will both be available in on-screen versions for your reference. You must obtain a score of at least 240 on this computer-based test in order to pass.

ILTS Science: Physics Practice Test

The test covers six subareas: science and technology, life science, physical science, earth systems and the universe, physic skills and modern physics. The test covers a variety of concepts, including knowledge of science as inquiry, the nature of science, technological design and innovations, major scientific ideas, the cell cycle, nature and functions of genes, functions of tissues and organs, biodiversity in living systems, three laws of thermodynamics, principle of conservation, nuclear and atomic structure of matter, parts of the atom, instruments used to study matter and energy, forces and motion, and properties of electricity and magnetism. You will also be assessed on your knowledge of structure and composition of Earth, Earth processes and cycles, properties of objects in the solar system, dynamic forces and events, physical evolution of the universe, life cycles of objects in galaxies, proper use of laboratory equipment, applicability of physics in everyday life, planar motion, Newton’s laws of motion, law of universal gravitation, mechanical waves, concepts of heat and temperature as they relate to matter, static and moving electric charges, AC and DC circuits, magnetism, induced electrical fields, modern physics, particle equations and special relativity.

The test covers so many concepts that it may seem impossible to know everything. Don’t despair; a passing score is within reach. Start off by taking the free ILTS Science: Physics Practice Test. This test is a quick way to assess your knowledge of physics and see where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive study aid, try the ILTS Science: Physics Study Guide. You’ll get a better idea of what to study and how to study efficiently so you don’t waste your time studying unnecessary information. You’ll focus on the right concepts and pass the exam with ease.

ILTS Science: Physics Study Guide

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ILTS Science: Physics Study Guide ILTS Science: Physics Study Guide



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