ILTS Science: Biology Practice Test

Biology is a main component of living things such as humans, plants and animals. It’s important for students of all ages to learn about this branch of science. Biology consists of numerous elements, however, so teachers must be extremely skilled and knowledgeable. The state of Illinois requires certification by passing the ILTS Science: Biology Exam.

Like most ILTS tests, the ILTS Science: Biology Test is comprised of 125 multiple-choice questions. You are given three hours and 45 minutes to complete it. A minimum score of 240 is required to pass.

ILTS Science: Biology Practice Test

The test covers six subareas: science and technology, life science, physical science, earth systems and the universe, cell biology and evolution, and organismal biology and ecology. The exam will assess your knowledge of science as inquiry, processes of technological design, accepted practices of science, how science and technology interact, how science concepts related to other disciplines, cell structure and function, principles of heredity and biological evolution, characteristics and life functions of organisms, and interactions between organisms and the environment. You will also be tested on nature and properties of energy, structure and properties of matter, forces and motion, electricity, magnetism, waves, Earth’s land, water, atmosphere, history of Earth, dynamic nature of Earth, objects in the universe, origins of the universe, concepts of cell biology, molecular basis of heredity, cellular biology and genetics, biological evolution and diversity, organismal biology, biological diversity, major groups of organisms, ecological concepts, matter, energy and organization in living systems.

The ILTS Science: Biology Practice Test is an excellent tool to assess your study habits. See how well you know the various concepts and subareas. This free study aid will prep you for the real test by simulating the format and types of questions to expect.

Make success happen by investing in the ILTS Science: Biology Study Guide. Get a higher score by following the study hints and staying organized. You’ll also get a comprehensive look at each subarea so you’ll be ready to score high on test day.

ILTS Science: Biology Study Guide

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