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The ILTS General Middle Grades Test is a licensing assessment administered to prospective teachers desiring to teach self-contained grades 5-8 in the state of Illinois.


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What is the format of the test like?

The test is computer-based and comprised of 80 multiple-choice questions. Three hours and fifteen minutes is the time given to complete the ILTS General Middle Grades Test, with fifteen minutes set aside for a computer-based test tutorial and to sign a nondisclosure agreement. The actual testing time is three hours.

The ILTS General Middle Grades Test is divided into three sub-areas. These sub-areas include:

  1. The Learner and the Learning. In this sub-area, test-takers will be assessed over their knowledge of the young adolescent learner as well as curriculum that is appropriate for students of this age.

 Specific areas to be tested include: young adolescent development and behavior, middle-grade diversity, learning processes and environments, age-appropriate curriculum and instructional practices, and effective assessment in the middle grades.

  1. Disciplinary Literacy in the Middle Grades. As the sub-title suggests, this sub-area will assess the test taker’s knowledge of literacy strategies for middle-grade students.

Specific areas to be tested in the sub-area include: a thorough understanding of teaching literacy in reading comprehension, writing, speaking, use of vocabulary and listening, as well as appropriate curriculum tools needed to teach these strategies.

  1. The Professional Environment. This sub-area of the ILTS General Middle Grades Test will assess the test taker’s knowledge and understanding of the role of the middle grades teacher.

 Specific areas to be tested in this sub-area include: understanding the basic philosophy behind middle grades education and the actual role and responsibilities of the middle grades teacher.

How do I register for the ILTS General Middle Grades Test?

Individuals wishing to take the ILTS General Middle Grades Test must register online at the ILTS website.

The ILTS General Middle Grades Test is given all over the state of Illinois and nationwide at various testing sites. This test is offered year-round, Monday-Saturday, excluding certain holidays, and a testing appointment must be made prior to the day of testing. A list of testing centers is available upon registering for the test.

How much does it cost to take the ILTS General Middle Grades Test?

The cost of the test is $115 and must be paid by credit or debit card bearing the Visa or Mastercard symbol. Credit and debit cards must be able to be used without using a PIN. Test takers who do not have a credit or debit card may contact Evaluation Systems on the ILTS website to gain information on how to pay with check.

 Are alternative testing arrangements available for the ILTS General Middle Grades assessment?

Reasonable alternative testing arrangements may be made for test takers with disabilities and/or special testing circumstances by submitting required documentation, including the Alternative Testing Arrangements request form.

 What is considered a passing score on the ILTS General Middle Grades Test?

A score of 240 is required to pass the ILTS General Middle Grades Test and scores are reported approximately 2-3 weeks after testing. A receipt of completion will be given out to test takers at the end of the testing time on the day of the test.

How should I prepare for the ILTS General Middle Grades Test?

Prior to testing day, test takers should register for the test and familiarize themselves with testing policies and procedures.

Multiple study aids from Mometrix are available to help test takers prepare for the test. Some of these resources include study guides, flashcards, and actual practice tests and sample questions. These resources will provide a more in-depth study of actual content on the test, as well as guidance and structure on how to navigate through a test such as the ILTS General Middle Grades Test.

What do I need to know for test day?

On the day of the test, test takers should dress comfortably in layers and arrive at the testing site at least 15 minutes before the start of the test. Individuals taking the test should also bring an acceptable form of identification.

Acceptable forms of identification, such as passports and/or drivers’ licenses, must be written in English, contain a picture of the test taker and display the same name the registration is in.

Short breaks will be allowed during the actual testing period and test takers will be monitored for the duration of the test. Upon completion of the test or when the allotted time is complete, test takers will be dismissed.

The ILTS General Middle Grades Test could be just the step needed to launch your career as a middle grades teacher. Go online and register today.



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