CSET Foundational-Level General Science Practice Test

Successfully completing the CSET: Foundational-Level General Science (Subtest I) Exam enables one to teach general, introductory, and integrated science. Note: Integrated science will cover through 8th grade only.


The computer-based exam itself is 4 hours in length, however, you will be provided with 15 additional minutes to complete the exam tutorial and nondisclosure agreement. This test consists of 100 multiple-choice questions and 4 constructed-response questions. In order to pass the test, you must receive a score of 220.

Accommodations are available for individuals with certain conditions. Prior approval is required.

What are the topics covered? How many multiple-choice questions are there for each topic?

There are 4 areas that will be assessed on this exam. The areas are:

  • Scientific Practices, Engineering Design and Applications, and Crosscutting Concepts – 33
  • Physical Sciences – 23
  • Life Sciences – 22
  • Earth and Space Sciences – 22

In addition, there will be one constructed-response question for each of the four topics covered.

The sub-topics of this exam are:

Scientific Practices, Engineering Design and Applications, and Crosscutting Concepts

  • Scientific investigation
  • Modeling and mathematical concepts
  • Analyzing and communicating scientific data
  • Evaluating design solutions
  • Engineering and cause-and-effect
  • Structure and function in natural and engineered systems
  • Stability and change in systems

Physical Sciences

  • Structure and properties of matter
  • Chemical reactions / Biochemistry
  • Motion and stability
  • Electromagnetic waves
  • Energy
  • Electricity and magnetism

Life Sciences

  • Structure and function of cells
  • Organisms: growth, development, and energy
  • Ecosystems
  • Heredity
  • Biological evolution

Earth and Space Sciences

  • Earth’s place in universe
  • Earth: materials and systems and processes
  • Plate tectonics
  • Weather and climate
  • Natural resources and hazards

What is the most convenient way to register for the exam?

Register online and pay using a credit, debit, or check card. Registration is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is the cost of the exam?

The cost of the CSET: Foundational-Level General Science (Subtest I) Exam is $133.

What are the testing dates and locations?

Appointments to take the exam can be done year-round, Monday through Saturday.

The test is offered at various sites throughout the world. Search for the one that is closest to your geographic location.

What should I do the day of the exam?

Bring a valid photo ID.

An on-screen scientific calculator and periodic table will be provided. You are prohibited from using your own calculator. Additionally, you are not permitted to bring food or drink, or personal items such as a cell phone or study materials.

What happens after I take the exam?

Your test results will be available within 7 weeks of taking the exam.

What happens if I don’t pass the exam?

If you do not pass the test on the first try, you can re-register to take it again. It is important to note that you must wait a period of 45 calendar days from the date you took the test, before retaking it.

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CSET Foundational-Level General Science Study Guide

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