Georgia Milestones Literature And Composition EOC (2018)

The Georgia Milestones Assessment¬†measures how well students have learned the knowledge and skills that are outlined within the state’s opted content. The Georgia Milestones Assessment also provides students with information about how well they are learning and if they are ready to move on to the next learning level.

Georgia Milestones Flashcard Study System
Georgia Milestones Flashcard Study System

Students begin taking the Georgia Milestones Assessments starting in grade 3 and up through high school. They will be tested on different subjects, depending on their grade level, including Mathematics, English Language Arts, Science, and in some grade levels, all subjects that they have learned over the current school year.

Georgia Milestones Success Strategies
Georgia Milestones Success Strategies

The Georgia Milestone ¬†– Literature and Composition EOC Assessment consists of 60 questions. Fifty-four of those questions are scored, while the remaining 6 questions are field test items and do not count towards the student’s final score.

The Literature and Composition EOC Assessment is given to the student in 3 sections. The student will have up to 70 minutes for each section.

The Literature and Composition EOC Assessment will measure the student’s ability on:

  • Recall of information
  • Basic reasoning
  • Complex reasoning
  • Extended reasoning

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