NES Music Practice Test

Some people are just born with music in their soul. Does that sound like you? If you have a musical gift you’d like to share with today’s youth, you should become a music teacher. This requires that you take the National Evaluation Series Music exam, which is a 3-hour test consisting of 150 multiple-choice questions.


Created to assess teacher knowledge and understanding of musical concepts, the test is divided into four parts. 23% evaluates aural analysis skills, 23% appraises knowledge of music theory and composition, 23% deals with musical history and culture, and the last 31% asks about musical methodology and performance.

If this strikes a note of fear in your heart, don’t fret. Mometrix Test Preparation developed the NES Music Study Guide to take the guesswork out of studying. Combining the essential concepts of music with integral lessons on testing strategies, the NES Music Study Guide reduces study time and increases retention.

Many music teacher hopefuls also use the NES Music Flashcards, taking their review with them wherever they go. When you’re ready, you can use the free NES Music Practice Test Questions to test your skills. Now your test score won’t fall flat!

NES Music Study Guide

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