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As you prepare to take the NES (National Evaluation Series) Mathematics exam, this article outlines some of the general information you’ll need to succeed. As you read on, you’ll discover more information about registering in advance online, test scheduling logistics, and what to expect on the day of your exam, including the main areas of content that you can expect to be tested on during the actual exam.



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Exam Background and Purpose

The purpose of the NES Mathematics (304) exam is to assess the readiness of those who want to qualify to teach math at the secondary education level in states that follow the NES standard.

The exam is administered by Pearson VUE in a variety of educational and testing settings across the nation.

Costs and Payment Options

The fee for taking the NES Mathematics exam is $95. Payments are accepted using either a VISA® or MasterCard® credit card or check or debit card carrying either the VISA® or MasterCard® logos. These are the only forms of payment that are accepted.


The NES Mathematics exam is a national-level test administered in a wide range of locations. To register and to get more details on available times and locations, visit

Your registration will stay valid for one year. If you haven’t taken your exam with a year, your registration fee will be forfeited without being refunded to you.

Test Duration

You’ll have up to five hours to complete the NES Mathematics exam.

FREE NES Math Practice Test

FREE NES Math Practice Test

What to Bring with You on Test Day:

  • Be sure to bring at least one form of government-issued Identification in English, showing your name, signature and photo (including IDs such as a current passport, a driver’s license, state/province ID, national ID, military ID, or alien registration card). Note: It is very important that the form of the identification that you bring with you matches the name that you used to register for the exam.

What Not to Bring with You on Test Day:

  • Any personal items such as bags, backpacks, hats, headwear (except for religious/medical reasons), watches, wallets, purses and jewelry
  • Calculators
  • Cell phones or any other type of electronic devices
  • Eyeglasses that have recording or communication capabilities
  • Handwritten notes or any type of printed materials
  • Food or drink
  • Unauthorized medical items (including Epinephrine injectors) unless prior approval is secured

What to Expect During Your NES Mathematics Exam

Format/Number of Questions: The test is administered via computer and consists of 150 multiple-choice questions.

Content Domains Covered in the Exam

The NES Mathematics exam covers a full range of concepts you’ll need to master to successfully teach at the secondary educational level.

Here are the content domains you can expect to be covered during the exam, along with the approximate percentage each domain will represent as part of the whole.

  • Mathematical Processes and Number Sense (19%) — Covers mathematical problem solving, mathematical reasoning, connections and communication, plus number theory.
  • Patterns, Algebra and Functions (24%) — Looks at functions and relations, quadratic, linear and polynomial functions, along with logarithmic and exponential functions, plus radical, piece-wise, absolute value and rational defined functions.
  • Measurement and Geometry (19%) — Assesses measurement procedures/principles, Euclidean geometry, and transformational and coordinate geometry.
  • Trigonometry and Calculus (19%) — Assesses trigonometric functions, differential calculus and integral calculus.
  • Statistics, Probability and Discrete Mathematics (19%) — Covers statistical techniques and principles probability and discrete mathematics.

Calculating Your Passing Score

A minimum score of 220 is needed to successfully pass the NES Mathematics test. Your results will be given to you right after you complete your test, with a more detailed report that you’ll receive within two weeks.

Additional Resources

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NES Mathematics Study Guide

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