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Are you interested in helping to mold and lead today’s youngest minds? If so, you’ve come to the right place! If you’re on this page, you’re likely nearing the end of your training to become an elementary school teacher. This particular line of work is a highly important one, as you’ll be laying the foundation for countless children in terms of their early educational development and academic success.


There’s no doubt you’ve endured extensive training in coming this far. Now you will have to show what you’ve learned by earning a passing score on the NES Elementary Education exam. The NES, also known as the National Evaluation Series, is meant to assess how prepared you are to teach professionally, based on your practical knowledge of your field of expertise and how to lead a classroom in that particular subject.

The Elementary Education exam is unique in that it splits up into two different subtests. Both of them feature 75 questions each, all of them being in multiple choice format. You will receive 90 minutes to complete the first subtest, and an hour, 45 minutes to complete the second.

Each of the subjects covered by the Elementary Education exam are relevant to the curriculum you will be expected to cover as an elementary school teacher. Subtest I covers Social Studies (38 percent) and Reading and English Language Arts (62 percent). Subtest II deals with The Arts, Health, and Fitness (12 percent); Science (38 percent); and Mathematics (50 percent).

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NES Elementary Education Practice Test

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