NES Biology Practice Test

Many science-minded people make the career choice to teach secondary biology to today’s youth. If you are among them, you will probably find yourself facing the National Evaluations Series Biology exam.


This 3 hour, 150 multiple choice test assesses teacher knowledge and understanding of basic biological concepts. 20% of the test ensures that you have mastered the scientific inquiry process and are familiar with the nature of science. 13% deals with biochemistry and cell biology. A 27% section revolves around genetics and evolution.

This leaves 40% which is divided evenly between biological unity and diversity, and ecology and environment. Because preparing for this rigorous exam is a daunting task, Mometrix Test Preparation developed the NES Biology Study Guide.

It focuses on the key concepts of biology and teaches invaluable test strategies. Used with the NES Biology Flashcards, students find they have a comprehensive study kit they can take and use anywhere. Many teachers then use the free NES Biology Practice Test Questions to gauge their test readiness and boost their confidence.

NES Biology Study Guide

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