NES Art Practice Test

If you want to share your love of art with children, you should think about becoming an art teacher. To do this, you must take the National Evaluation Series Art exam. This 3 hour test consists of 150 multiple-choice questions geared to assess teacher knowledge and understanding of basic art concepts.


Five sections examine teachers in five major areas. 11% focus on the foundations of art and its elements and principles. A 33% portion evaluates knowledge of art media, tools, technologies, techniques, and processes. Another 33% asks questions about the visual arts in historical and cultural contexts. 12% is about aesthetics and art criticism, and the last 11% wants you to connect visual arts to other disciplines.

Mometrix Test Preparation created the NES Art Study Guide to help future art teachers review key concepts and teach them time saving test strategies. This makes all study time productive. When paired with the NES Art Flashcards, the guide is a comprehensive review that gives you the confidence you need to be successful. There’s even free NES Art Practice Test Questions to help make sure you’re prepared to face the test.

NES Art Study Guide

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NES Test


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