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Love historical facts and visiting historical sites? Then you’d make an excellent history teacher. To make that dream come true, you’ll need to take the National Evaluation Series History exam. This 3 hour, 150 multiple-choice question test ensures new teachers posses the knowledge necessary to give students an excellent historical education.


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The first 12% of this test asks questions related to historical research skills, terms, concepts, sources, and perspectives. 18% focuses on examining the world from prehistory to 1450. The last three sections each make up 23% of the exam. One deals with world history from 1450 to the present.

The second begins the review of United States history from pre-contact to 1877. The last finishes with questions on United States history from 1877 through today. To help teachers study smarter and not harder, Mometrix Test Preparation developed the NES History Study Guide. This combines key concepts with ingenious testing strategies, reducing wasted time and increasing productivity.

There is also a NES History Flashcards that enables you to study anywhere and anytime. Before the actual exam, try out the free NES History Practice Test to make sure you’re ready. With these tools, you’ll have the perfect review program and confidence to pass the test.

NES History Study Guide

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