NES Earth and Space Science Test

Earth and space science is just as complex a subject to teach as it is important. Since the earliest of times, we have struggled to understand the stars and the universe, and our progress has been slow. The subject in and of itself is constantly under development as we speak, with new technologies developing to help us understand more emerging every decade. Earth and space science teachers are responsible for keeping up with new information about our galaxy as it comes, then imparting it to younger generations who may someday be able to help us advance further in exploring the cosmos.


The NES Earth and Space Science exam serves as the final frontier to earning the certification you need to teach your chosen subject professionally. This exam will take approximately three hours to complete, and contains 150 questions, all in multiple choice format. It covers a wide array of subjects relevant to your field, including Astronomy (19 percent); Nature of Science (18 percent); The Atmosphere, Weather, and Climate (19 percent); Oceanography and Freshwater Systems (19 percent); and Geology (25 percent).

To help you prepare for this test to the best of your ability, the Mometrix Test Preparation team would like to offer you our official NES Earth and Space Science practice test. We have devised our practice test with the help of careful observation of the actual test’s structure and materials, all to render it as accurate to the real thing as possible. You can use our practice test to get to know how the real test works, as well as figure out which areas of the exam may need more of your attention so you can fine-tune your study plan as needed.

For an even more thorough study experience, you can also use our NES Earth and Space Science study guide. It is designed to pair well with our practice test, but is also effective on its own. We recommend it to anyone looking for a bit more direction for their study plan. Good luck!

NES Earth and Space Science Practice Test

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