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Nowadays, you can’t watch TV or go online without hearing about politics of some sort. The government plays a huge role in our everyday lives, and it’s important that high students learn about political science. Georgia teachers can prepare to instruct students in grades 6–12 about the various elements involved in politics by taking the GACE Political Science exam.


The GACE Political Science exam has two parts. Each has 60 questions, which must be completed in two hours. Test I consists of two subareas: institutions, and citizenship and politics. You will be asked about local, state and national institutions, branches of government, political parties and elections.

Test II consists of three subareas: United States Constitution, civil rights and criminal justice, and comparative politics and international relations. The test will include questions about the foundations of the United States government, civil rights, the causes and effects of criminal activity, different types of government and foreign policy.

It can be difficult enough to know about United States government. Government policies vary across the globe, so studying for such an exam can be a monumental task. Get the help you need with the GACE Political Science practice test and GACE Political Science study guide. The materials created by the Mometrix Test Prep Team can help you make great strides in your studying by offering tips for organization and effective memorization. Use them today, and increase your confidence as you ace your test.

GACE Political Science Study Guide

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