GACE Physics Practice Test (030, 031, & 530)

Of all the various categories of science, physics is probably one of the most difficult to understand Physics is the study of matter and its movement. Physics is part of our everyday lives, and is often used to solve issues related to the environment, since it does involve space, time, energy and force. Teaching physics to high school students can be challenging, which is why Georgia high school physics teachers must pass the GACE Physics exam.


The GACE Physics exam consists of two tests, which can be taken together or separately. Each test is two hours long, with 60 questions each. Test I has two subareas: mechanics, and thermodynamics and modern physics. You will be assessed on your understanding of vector and scalar quantities, kinematics, velocity, acceleration, frames of reference, Newton’s law of motion, types of motion, force, friction, gravitation, weight, mass, energy, momentum, collisions and conservation laws. You should also expect to see questions about heat, energy, thermodynamics, molecular theory, radioactivity and atomic models.

Test II consists of three subareas: electricity and magnetism, optics and waves, and scientific inquiry and process. You should have knowledge of various topics, including electrostatics, electric field, Coulomb’s law, Gauss’ law, properties of materials, current, electrical circuits, magnetic fields and poles, basic wave phenomena, Doppler effect, electromagnetic waves, geometric optics, scientific inquiry, experimental design, historical developments in the field of physics, conducting laboratory processes, units of measurement, and appropriate use and safety of scientific materials.

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